Saturday, July 28, 2007

Same shit, different medium. Kal Korff documents his ongoing apparent mental breakdown on YouTube. Be warned: you might find yourself feeling a bit sorry for him.

Liona Tanaka: reporting for duty!

On a completely unrelated note, international media personality and noted scholar Liona Tanaka has joined the Posthuman Blues team. Armed with multiple Ph.D.s in fields as diverse as architecture, physics, cosmology, and artificial intelligence, Liona is uniquely qualified to handle the large volume of email we receive. Although officially serving as Posthuman Blues' PR coordinator/receptionist, her role within the organization's structure is as expansive as it is influential.

Welcome aboard, Liona!

(By the way, if you feel able to stomach more Korff, this one had me in stitches.)


Anonymous said...

See also:

So very sad a man.

Mac said...

Oh, good lord. When will it end?

Anonymous said...

Dearest Mac,
Not only does your creativity push the envelope of imagination beyond the bounds and reach of mere mortals, but the addition of Liona is nothing short of breathtaking:)
As in Waynes World..We're not worthy! We're not worthy!
It is clear that average IQ would drop by at at least 67 points were you to depart our abysmal planet. For mankinds sake and the sake of good reading promise us you will stay.


Mac said...


Are you implying that I somehow invented Liona? That she doesn't exist?


that intense guy said...

Oh, hell no! Liona is the greatest! How dare anyone imply she's not on team, running the administrative tasks of the fantastic and burgeoning empire that is the meta-empire of Mac Tonnies!

Why, I even googled her in my sleep last night (she's damn cute!), and found oodles of data about her work for the Mac--she must be very busy trying to keep up with all the futuristic tasks and goals of Tonnies, Inc. Feh on anyone who thinks otherwise. 8^}

dr. x said...

I think it must be time, Mac, that you and Liona set the record straight, and clarify any misconceptions of Liona's role in the Tonnies MetaCorp.

I would suggest a YouTube presentation of a short dialogue between you and her, ala Korff, detailing the magnificent work she does for you as your right-hand woman. Of course, for security's sake, she should appear off-camera giving halting, terse responses to leading, tangential questions and statements. It's the Korffian thing to do!

Anonymous said...

perhaps martina tycova has gained too much weight to appear on camera with kal? i watched the videos and have to just take a moment and say holy shit. look no further for proof that kal korff is mentally disturbed and should have never stopped taking his medication. the man is obviously ill and in need of psychiatric confinement and I don't think anyone would disagree with that. Liona? WOW!

Anonymous said...

All I know is, she's a HAWTIE!!!