Monday, July 16, 2007

Sleek new spacesuit design

MIT aeronatuics professor Dava Newman designed this new spacesuit that's far sleeker and lightweight than today's bulky gas-pressurized outfits work by today's astronauts. Instead of gas pressurization, the new prototype BioSuit employs "mechanical counter-pressure" in the form of skin-tight layers wrapped around the body.

Not to mention a way-cool green visor.


Anonymous said...

I like the idea of a minimalist approach,spartan furnishings,large open spaces,the rose in a little walmart glass vase, on a a little table, barely big enough to hold an ashtray, in a white marble room. you know..elegant simplicity.
But skin tight spacesuits, that hug you like spandex (that must be the counterpressure) just bothers me a little.
In space on a mission to Mars for example. Now I know if I wear a pair of either cotton or polyester socks for more than 3 days they will be booming all the way to the cockpit. Longer and they can stand up by themselves. I also know if you keep drawers on for more than 2 days, and are a hairy guy, problems peculiar to us will manifest itself quickly in the form of tinea cruix fungus, or jock itch. How will I scratch myself or any part of my body..does fungus grow more quickly in a weightless environment? Can it overpower the crew?I think that has not been addressed and we need answers. Thats why if a UFO came and had me aboard..I want to get off asap. Maybe thats why they only abduct for a few hours. Can you blame them?
also How do I wash my Tail in space? How do the Et's do it? why doesn't anyone ask them? Do they have an anal pore..or not? why do they mess with ours..Will the spandex help me in that situation. Wouldnt it be easier to wear jogging pants and shades for the trip? Will I lose my tan after six months of space travel? Please tell me I'm serious.
I don't want to look attractive to an ET , why not stick to the old one conservative look? Who wants to look like Peter Pan or a liberal? Was the designer Gay? tell me..whats going on with the space program? The Public wants to know!

PS What colors can I choose from? Does it come in sequence,If not I would prefer an Italian designer.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

I think he looks a little like a grey in that suit. Is it just me, or does anyone else see the simularity?


Anonymous said...

OMG you are right...Its worse than looking at Truman Capote in a Leisure Suit...

Mac said...

Yep -- it does look like a Gray. Kinda creepy.