Friday, July 20, 2007

Here's a fascinating account of strange humanoids in Argentina:

Strange Creatures Seen In San Luis Argentina

While the trimming operations took place on the avenue, adjacent to a stream, traffic was interrupted and once restored, locals driving through the area, lighting it with their car headlights, claimed to have seen the strange figures. They reportedly saw "some little men coming out of the amputated tree and walking single file toward the library.

It's worth at least considering that the imp-like creatures were flesh-and-blood primates forced to evacuate in fear of ever-encroaching humans. (Also note the conspicuous absence of any UFO or reported "spacecraft.")

The idea that we're sharing Earth with a fellow intelligent species forces us to consider 60+ years of UFO lore in a fundamentally new light. For if we succeed in rendering the planet into a dessicated husk, it's possible we may be forced to acknowledge a "cryptoterrestrial" presence on unforgiving terms. Will we be forced to vie for resources with an uprooted neighbor species or will we manage to coexist amicably?


Anonymous said...

I think the operative phrase here is "reportedly saw." At least the writer of the story stuck in the qualifier "reportedly" instead of, like most journalists, simply writing an UNqualified "saw."

--WMB as Anon

Anonymous said...

Ooooo--eeee-ooooh, yooooooo!