Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The legendary MJ-12 documents take a hit:

Leaked 'Top Secret' Government UFO Documents Proven Frauds

The documents were tested by Dr. Carol Chaski of Georgetown, DE, who was hired by Dr. Michael Heiser, a biblical scholar with an interest in the UFO phenomenon. Dr. Chaski is a leading expert in the linguistic science of authorship attribution, a discipline that uses computers to extract and define stylistic patterns in a given author's writings -- a "linguistic fingerprint". Dr. Chaski pioneered her own computational document authentication software program, ALIAS, for such testing, and is currently the president of ALIAS Technology, LLC. Among the stylistic patterns detected by Dr. Chaski's specially-developed computer program are patterns in sentence structure, word order in parts of speech and use of punctuation.

A total of 17 documents were tested, allegedly written by nine different authors. Dr. Heiser typed the prose text of the disputed Majestic Documents and a set of undisputed control documents for each author for Dr. Chaski's testing. Of the 17 documents tested, only one can be scientifically validated as having been written by the author who is named. Dr. Heiser's assessment: "Anyone basing any claims of alien existence or an alien crash at Roswell on these documents would be foolish to do so; they just don't stand up to cutting edge scientific analysis."

This is very likely the beginning of the end as far as the MJ-12 papers go. But while I think they're frauds, I'm not sure the analysis detailed above is the death-blow it pretends to be.

But never fear -- the death blow's coming.


Paul Kimball said...

Dead, buried, have been for years - this is just the latest bullet fired into the carcass. The only thing of interest now is to figure out who faked them, and why (hint - it wasn't as some high level government operation, as I'm sure some people will start to suggest).


mr. i said...

Ironic that the illustration is of Bob Lazar's design of the "sports model", that he supposedly helped back-engineer the propulsion system of at Area 51, and, as shown in the picture, produced as a plastic model by Testors.

Anonymous said...

Paul, I don't know if this is really dead and buried yet... actually it looks like it is about to get ugly...

Dr. Heiser forwarded me a mass email yesterday that he received from Ryan Wood (who has a lot of vested interest in these documents). Let's just say that the email was "not nice".

Dr. Heiser is going to try to get George Noory and "Coast to Coast" to do another show where he and Ryan Wood and Dr. Carol Chaski who did the forensic lignustic analysis can have it out.

Dr. Chaski is the real deal. She is at the top of her field and has nothing to do with the UFO world other than this one job. She has nothing to gain or lose in this - her work is typically for court cases where her testimony can help decide the outcome of people's lives!

Yes, Mike does have a UFO book that is a work of fiction - hello... this testing has nothing to do with The Facade.