Tuesday, July 31, 2007

UFO mystery solved

No, not the entire UFO mystery (contrary to Shostak and Shermer, who refuse to acknowledge a mystery in the first place), but this previously blogged sighting.

The floating, circling UFOs seen last Saturday night were, it would appear, little more than Chinese lanterns released as part of a wedding celebration at the Bushey Police Club.

Robert Rosamond from the British UFO Research Organisation (BUFORA) confirmed residents weren't "seeing things" and that his organisation had received a great many similar reports in recent months.

He said: "Chinese lanterns or variations upon a similar theme are being sighted up and down the country at present."

(Thanks: The Anomalist.)


Anonymous said...

Are these sinister Chinese lanterns part of a Chinese invasion plan?

Mac said...

One can only hope such is not the case!

Anonymous said...

Look at the video posted on the original Daily Mail article, Mac.

Look _carefully_ at the fifth object that is shown on the video after some moments. It's brighter and seems larger. It also seems to close the gap with the other four objects, which I presume are Chinese lanterns.

Point being, the fifth object is different, moves toward the group of presumably 4 lanterns and seems to move differently than the group of 4.

What do you think is going on there? Do you think the lantern explanation covers object 5?