Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Japan nuke plant leak worse than thought

An earthquake-wracked nuclear power plant was ordered closed indefinitely Wednesday amid growing anger over revelations that damage was much worse than initially announced and mounting international concern about Japan's nuclear stewardship.


James Aach said...

I can't provide any more details on the Japanese nuclear boo-boo, but if you'd like to get a general perspective on nuclear in an entertaining format, see my insider novel "Rad Decision", available free at or in paperback.

I look forward to each month's issue of Fortean Times, BTW.

semolina pilchard, wating for... said...

Why is it, in events like this, or like the recently executed head of the Chinese equivalent of the FDA, that very dangerous covered-up criminality, where thousands upon thousands could be endangered, that the very people in charge of maintenance of safety become the agents of non-disclosure?

It's not just an "Asian thing," either. I guess it's just human nature, in a way. Dangerous, that.