Sunday, July 29, 2007

I'm a guest on The Paracast this week along with Nick Redfern and Jeff Ritzmann. Tune in!

(Photo by Paul Kimball.)


Colette said...


Tell us dambit? And will they re-run it if my lame-arse misses the programme?????



Mac said...


All week, 24/7. Just click on the Paracast link and it will start playing. (Or you can download the MP3.) It will go in the show's archives, of course.

TJ said...

Great stuff.

I think guys like Redfern, Bishop, and you are the future of ufology. This field needs fresh blood and fresh ideas, since it doesn't really have much to show for its efforts in the past 50 years. Honestly, what do we know now about this subject that we didn’t know 40 years ago?

After following ufology for a while back in the early 90s, I soon lost interest since I felt things were pointless. - Just the same old ideas, scams, and wishful "true believers" year after year. I understand what Vallees meant when he said that he had stopped learning. (I think Vallees is a truly under appreciated guy in this field by the way).

If the nut-and-bolts ETH crowd is correct, then why is there STILL nothing definitive, even with many millions of people wielding camcorders worldwide? Why the myriad types of objects? I mean really, it seems like no two are alike – even the standard iconic form such as the “triangles” or “cigars” all seem to have different details. Throw out the bogus and misidentified stuff and look at the “best cases” over the years. You still have a major problem as I see it. Either the vehicles are shape-shifters, the beasties have a hardware inventory that rivals our own military in variety or, more than likely, there is more to this than meets the eye. Thankfully, that’s where guys like you come in.

Anyway, thanks for helping to reinvigorate my interest in the paranormal. Keep up the great work!

PS: Do you have a FAQ or an area devoted to Q and A about your CT book? I have some questions I hope will be addressed in your book.

- TJ

Alfred Lehmberg said...

Wonderful job with the Para-crats on Sunday, Mr. Tonnies. Succinct, inspiring, provocative, fair, thoughtful, interesting, cogent, and courageous. Good stuff, all together, and in the round. A rose among some thorns, to be sure.
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David Biedny said...

Me Feel So Thorn-y!

Mac is a great thinker, and we always love having him on the show. Thanks for your original thoughts and gentle intelligence, Mac, you are truly one of my favorite people in this wacky field.

Mac said...

TJ wrote:

Do you have a FAQ or an area devoted to Q and A about your CT book? I have some questions I hope will be addressed in your book.

Maybe the CTH deserves its own blog. In the meantime, there are several CT postings here that I've tagged as "cryptoterrestrial," so just click away and see if you can find what you need. If not, drop me an email and I'll be happy to reply.

Mac said...

Alfred, David--

Thanks! The Paracast is the only paranormal show I can stomach -- and I'm not just saying that because it's the only show that will have me! ;-)

Alfred Lehmberg said...

Yo Mac...

All respect dude...

But you didn't fare badly on "Strange Days Indeed" either, a program eminently stomach-able, imo... and one who has had you, so to speak, too.
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Mac said...


I'd forgotten about SDI. Another good one that I'll take over the typical late-night fare anytime.