Monday, July 23, 2007

My AT&T DSL connection continues to taunt me. I think a phone call to one of their "service" representatives is in order, not that I really expect anything to be set right.

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James Coburn said...

Yeah, good luck with that (heh, heh).

You'll find it interesting, at least, for two reasons: you may encounter the talking and "listening" robot system (minimizing cost of real human ops briefly, so you'll be discouraged, and maybe hang up), which inevitably can't or won't understand something you tell it, leading, after some decent interval, to a real service op, who will be either in the Philippines or India, or possibly San Diego.

Recommendation: ask for "2nd tier" or supervisor assistance. Some of the service assistants overseas are actually quite good, even though, for some absurd reason, they have their overseas call center personnel use "American" names.

A.T.& T. Sometimes the 2nd "T" in their corporate name is a real antique factoid of experiencial nightmarish carnival of mayhem. YMMMNV. 8^}