Monday, July 09, 2007

Von Braun Was At Roswell

Dr. von Braun explained how he and his (unnamed, for now) associates had been taken to the crash site after most of the military were pulled back. They did a quick analysis of what they found. He told me the craft did not appear to be made of metal as we know metal on earth. He said it seemed to be created from something biological, like skin. I was lost as to what he indicated, other than thinking perhaps the craft was "alive." The recovered bodies were temporarily being kept in a nearby medical tent. They were small, very frail and had large heads. Their eyes were large. Their skin was grayish and reptilian in texture.

Bullshit? Probably. But if the "Roswell Incident" was the crash of an ET craft, it's not unlikely that von Braun, the era's foremost rocket pioneer, would have been briefed on at least some of the details in hope that he might propel efforts to back-engineer alien tech.


Anonymous said...

One of my favorite Tom Lehrer lyrics

"Call him a Nazis he won't even frown.. Nazis shmatzi says Werner von Braun".


BoyintheMachine said...

von Braun has [supposedly] made UFO comments in his life, however, to my knowledge he never made a comment concerning Roswell. I would think that should he had played a role in the crash, that he would have considered this case to be of far greater importance than any other particuliar UFO case.