Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Author Mac Tonnies makes a case for 'cryptoterrestrials'

Kansas City writer Mac Tonnies isn't convinced contact with a UFO has anything to do with extraterrestrials. Tonnies, author of "After the Martian Apocalypse," said if UFOs and their crews exist, they may have come from right here on Earth.

The meme is alive.


Anonymous said...

New theory? Not really.

Much later than a book that came out in 2000, but this is some sort of amazing new theory?

I've referred to this theoretical race in print many times as "Hidden Neighbors" and Subterrestrials (divergent evolutionary types, as opposed to other-dimensional Keelian ultraterrestrials).

I am glad to see this idea gaining more acceptance--including the manipulation and deception factor. But this idea of subterrestrials with an advanced civilization goes back even farther than Richard Shaver--It goes all the way back to Gilgamesh.

My writings and radio interviews have stated that there are a)unknown (sub)terrestrial races that are subterranean in habitat, with advanced technology; b)unknown (sub)terrestrial races that use humanity as a genetic stock and for other uses, as well as prey on surface-world resources; c) unknown (sub)terrestrial species that explain many "cryptid" sightings and encounters; d) subterrestrial humanoids who use misdirection, technological illusions (cloaking and holography, among others) and so on to MISDIRECT our attention to a DECEPTION about "extraterrestrials"; and so on.

Nothing new here, but the idea appears to be spreading and catching on. Pretty soon it may even be "hip".

I do look forward to seeing Mac's thoughts on this topic.


p.s., See



-W.M. Mott

Mac said...


Looks like we're kicking the same thing, but perhaps with different footwear.

Have you seen any of my CTH posts?

wmmott said...

Yes, and I think you're on the right track.

But there is truly a WEALTH of info and hypothesizing along these lines that predates both of us. Richard Shaver, for instance, stated that subterrestrial beings he "knew" about were in possession of advanced technology that created seemingly solid (holographic) images, such as space ships (UFOs), along with other more sinister mind-altering machines.

Recent writers and supporters of the non-paranormal, hidden race hypothesis have included Timothy Beckley, Brad Steiger, Richard Shaver, and several others.

I believe that where there's smoke, there's fire. I'm looking forward to what you have to say, because I believe that THIS realization, if it pans out, may be the most important one in human history--it will mean a possible end to manipulation and victimization for humanity in many ways.

Mac said...

I'm inclined to take Shaver with a large dollop of skepticism. But the man could spin a good myth . . . and it's at least possible that the popularity of his stories was due to an unconscious realization that they were on the right track.

wmmott said...

Shaver seems to have been confabulating, with pulp-scifi trappings, to cover for some sort of personally traumatic experience. Yet his life was plagued by strange phenomena, even in the presence of witnesses.

Interestingly, he stated that "they" could interbreed with surface-world humanity, and they possessed an advanced form of holographic and telepathic technology that allowed them to utterly delude human beings and manipulate our world--politics, religion, science, etc.

When it comes to this theory, though, Shaver is just one link in a very long chain, a 'drop in the bucket', so to speak.

Donovan Colbert said...

This is one of those things that, if it is true, it is game over, anyhow. I mean, it doesn't really matter where a race like this comes from, sub-terrestrial, extra or ultradimensional, or extra terrestrial. If they've got bases on earth and have the entire planet duped and the world government in chains (all the while allowing us to open more Mickey D's until the polar icecaps melt right off the planet)... then things are beyond bad. Give me the blue pill.