Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I've been grim on the climate change front lately, but that doesn't mean everyone's sitting on their hands.

Oil From Algae

Unlike other plants that are currently being using for oil production such as soy, palm, corn and jatropha, some strains of algae contain as much as 50% oil. Once algae is grown, harvested and pressed to extract the oil, the remaining residue can be processed into ethanol, or burned directly in a power plant. The oil can then be processed into biodiesel using the ethanol (or methanol from another source). The National Renewable Energy Lab also believes jet fuel from certain strains of algae is possible.

Cold storage solution for global warming?

Researchers from the University of Leicester and the British Geological Society (BGS) have proposed storing CO2 in huge underground reservoirs as a way of reducing emissions- and have even identified sites in Western Europe that would be suitable.

Their research, published in the journal, Planet Earth, reveals that CO2 can be contained in cool geological aquifers or reservoirs, where it can remain harmlessly for many thousands of years.

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stankan said...

The reason we are having the co2 problem today is that the biosphere stored vast surpluses of carbon underground in the past. We are now pumping the carbon out of the ground combining it with oxygen and putting it back in the atmosphere. We need to stop pumping the stuff out of the ground in the first place.