Saturday, February 17, 2007

I did the unspeakable today: against my better judgment, I expressed interest in a potential sociable outing with an attractive female co-worker. I have the grim feeling that the next week or two are going to be fraught with Kafkaesque intrigue as we either attempt to schedule a date or -- more likely -- amicably dissolve any romantic intimations by pretending I'd never opened my mouth.

Maybe next year.


Anonymous said...


I can understand the need for not building up false expectations -- but I think you should also be aware of the "self-fulfilling prophecy syndrome."



Anonymous said...

"Expressing interest" takes great bravery. Most people shiver in fear at this simple act of honesty.
Next time be to the point. Ask her to do something at a specific time/space coordinate.
If she says no, you turn red for a while and move on. If she says yes you turn red for a while and move on. Either way there is progress.
Of course, report back to us with the juicy details. That's what blogging is about voyeurism and exhibitionism.
We're all rooting for ya.


W.M. Bear said...

Mac -- Dates are so... last century. (Would this make a good pick-up line, do you think?)

Dustin said...

But the real questions does she feel about life on Mars and the CTH? ;-)

Seriously, though, go get her Mac. You're plenty smart enough, and on occasion the opposite sex is actually fun to spend time with.

Carol Maltby said...

Gee thanks, Dustin. We do so appreciate knowing we're occasionally worth spending time with. ;)

Mac, how have your conversations with her been so far? What does she feel about science fiction?

Paul Kimball said...


Be careful that you don't become Admiral Beatty, in the North Sea, unable to properly read semaphore, and miss your shot at your own Trafalgar.

I heard a song the other day about that very subject! :-)


P.S. Also, what Ray said!

Dustin said...

Carol, my fiance said the same thing...maybe I'm not as good at sweet talking as I thought! :-P

Anonymous said...

I'm not saying you're not doing this already, but I'd suggest looking for common interests and sensibilities first, and attractiveness second. There's no need to end up stuck with a beautiful woman who "loves you" but despises everything you do and everything you are. I've seen it happen too many times.

Good luck!