Tuesday, February 27, 2007

eWarrior writes:

The idea of a space ship crashed into the side of a building probably makes perfect sense in LA. Passersby acted like it was weirder for me to be taking a picture.

I was only in Los Angeles briefly, but long enough to absorb some of the ambient surreality. LA is a vast blossoming infestation of memes -- a dynamic so completely divorced from my native Midwest that it might as well be from another planet.


Regan Lee said...

Mac, I'm from L.A. -- Hollywood in fact. I'm going quote you:

LA is a vast blossoming infestation of memes . . . "

If I may; that is a great comment.

Greg Bishop said...

I am too. I see this poster every week as I go to the studio to do my radio show, which is where Mac took this pic when he was a guest last year.

"Actra Rx is tops with macho Latino dudes who like to have encounters with bald, blue-skinned alien women."

Apparently it puts you in touch with that elusive time "Beyond the moment of pleasure," which is something almost anyone can relate to.

Mac said...

"Beyond the moment of pleasure" -- the story of my life!