Saturday, February 10, 2007

Black Dogs and UFOs (Nick Redfern)

Indeed, he is of the firm opinion that ancient man - who certainly constructed the Castle Ring - had mental abilities that extended far beyond our own, and was able to essentially tap into other realms of existence, and construct "from the mind" images of bizarre and monstrous beasts that inhabited those same realms.

The possibility that ancient occultists could create thought-recordings is not without appeal. If Nick's hunch is correct, then it might even shed light on the "visionary" nature of some UFO reports. After all, if it's possible to conjure a "place memory" of fearsome canines, how difficult would it be to emplace visions of numinous disks and attendant "little people"?

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W.M. Bear said...

The man slowly backed away, and the black dog did likewise, retreating into the impenetrable depths of the fog. As the man reached a point perhaps 150 feet from the fog, he was both startled and shocked to see a small ball of light “zoom in” over the fog and duly cast down a vivid blue column of light in its direction. In an instant, the fog and the ball of light were gone, the black dog was nowhere to be seen, and normality was restored.

I'll have what he was having.