Thursday, February 15, 2007

Did Lonnie Zamora see a prototype moon lander? I'd love it if we could ice this one.

(Thanks: The Anomalist.)


mister ecks said...

this "explanation" has been around the block a few times, hasn't it?

Mac said...

Yeah, I know -- nothing exactly new, but I find the Hughes renderings interesting. And I'm not sure if I've mentioned the possibility here before, so I figured I'd go on the record.

mister ecks said...

speak of the devil, they're talking about the Zamora incident right now on one of those awful UFO specials. they're portraying his sighting as that of a classic saucer-shaped craft, rather than the egg-shaped craft Zampra reported (thus being used to tie in with the host/documentarian Nick Cook's theories of captured Nazi saucer technology). they are really playing loose with the facts/chronology to make all their points. arghhhhhh