Sunday, February 04, 2007

I know this is supposed to strike me as innovative and futuristic and stuff, but instead it leaves me cold. Instead of "empowering the consumer," I'd like to see the very role of "consumer" (as currently defined) thrown out with the last century's garbage.

(Hat tip: Beyond the Beyond.)

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NDL said...

Hi Mac,

That supermarket navigation system becomes necessary to find items in the poorly signposted and utterly identical rows of products.
It's interesting that the notion of the "consumer" as a catch-all term came into fashion around the same time that they made giant warehouses into "shops".
Here in the UK, some towns have fought hard to retain their distinctive shopping districts, whereas others have rolled over to the giant supermarket chains.
What I don't understand is that if the hallowed free market produces "consumer choice", why should all our shopping converge under one giant supermarket roof? Where's the choice in that?