Monday, February 05, 2007

Jamie Shandera And Proof Of UFOs (Pt. 2) (Greg Bishop)

On the UFO Coverup Live! special in 1988, one of the "Aviary" members (most likely Richard Doty or Robert Collins) appeared in silhouette with his voice electronically altered. Amongst pronouncements about the aliens' love for strawberry ice cream and Tibetan music, the mysterious AFOSI man told of a "book" that was given to us by the alien race. While an artist's conception flashed on the screen, he continued to describe the object as a sort of "crystal," which when gazed into, would show events of human and alien history. The "Yellow Book" as it was known, apparently directly interfaced with the user telepathically. (For some reason, it was also called the "Red Book," or there were two of them.)

Suppose Shandera really did get a chance to experience this device, as suggested in Greg's post. What was it? Its purported "telepathic" properties don't necessarily make it an alien artifact; it could just as easily have been a clever psy-ops ploy. Then again, maybe it really was the ET equivalent to a PDA . . .

Stories like this circulate endlessly in the Kafkaesque corridors of ufology, some obviously deluded and others less so. The 1980s generated a mythological substrate that lingers to this day, complete with evocative suggestions of crashed alien hardware and shadowy human-ET liaisons. Granted that we are, in all probability, interacting with some form of nonhuman intelligence, it's at best premature to rule out the possibility that the UFO intelligence itself has played a significant role in disseminating fanciful lies.

If the UFO intelligence is indigenous to this planet, then the pronounced extraterrestrial flavor of so many of our most hallowed (if controversial) beliefs may be an attempt to convince us the answer to the UFO riddle lies somewhere in the stars.

So we gaze upward in wonder and fear while the phenomenon continues -- unabated and overlooked.

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