Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Robots could soon be calling the shots

For example, imagine a body suit with sensors that can guide you through a golf swing like Tiger Woods'. Or a robo-birdwatcher that can tell you where to look for that rare ivory-billed woodpecker. Or an android gardener that can show you where to plant your seeds.

In other words, a future where you can't lift a finger without receiving "advice" from ubiquitous condescending "life coaches."

Not that I can't see the plus sides to such a pervasive cybernetic presence, but there's some good dystopian SF potential here.


Greg Bishop said...

It already has. See the TV series "Red Dwarf," and the "Hitchhiker's Guide" books. I suppose they're more humorous than dystopian, however.

Good drawing, BTW. Where's my big alien you promised?

Mac said...

Where's my big alien you promised?


Katie said...

Hmm...This calls for a dragging out of the "And I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords." schtick. :o)

W.M. Bear said...

Hell, it even bothers ME when people's cars give them a little bye-bye beep when they're walking away. All I can see out of robo-ubiquitousness is annoyance, annoyance, and more annoyance. (So put that in your dystopian pipe and smoke it!)