Thursday, February 22, 2007

I'd been peripherally aware of William Michael Mott's speculation on indigenous humanoids but, until today, didn't realize just how closely our thoughts on the possibility converged.

Could it be I didn't come up with the Cryptoterrestrial Hypothesis after all? Apparently so. But as Mott points out, the meme is far older than both of us. Maybe the fact that we independently arrived at such similarly unfashionable ideas regarding the UFO enigma means we're onto something.


Boudicca said...

Hello Mac,

I referred to Wm. Michael Mott on my blog a few days ago, in regards to the very same thing. He delves more into the mythological aspects though...delving into ancient semetic texts, etc.

Or so it seems...


Anonymous said...

Hi Mac,

I have known Mike from some years and hope you guys can pool your knowledge. Great that you have found him.


Doc Conjure said...

Interestingly, Whitley Streiber wrote two books concerning an alien humanoid species that came to the earth eons ago, and who secretly walk amongst us. Hint: They suck our blood! That's right, if you remember 'The Hunger' or it's sequal, then you shouldn't be suprised that it came from the same person who achieved fame with 'Communion.'

Jason Gammon

Mac said...

Strieber's vampires are great fictional cryptoterrestrials. I think they're worth citing for illustrative purposes.

mister ecks said...

don't forget the Wolfen!

W.M. Bear said...

Here's an interesting related quote from Magical Use of Thought Forms by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki and J.H. Brennan:

"I also suspect that some of them [astral archetypes] -- faeries, elves, and others -- have managed to lift themselves to a higher level -- the mental -- and become self-empowering. They are then able to project themselves and their chosen forms into the mind and dreams of human beings." [Emphasis added.]

Could cryptoterrestrials have gotten their start this way, as, basically, tulpas (thought forms) of some sort -- created, say, by tribal shamans and then achieving a sort of independent existence that has allowed them to pursue their own line of development? (This would be an alternative explanation to positing that CTs somehow evolved as a kind of parallel physical species alongside human beings.)