Sunday, February 25, 2007

Thanks to everyone who's offered tips and advice about my out-of-the-blue case of uber-tinnitus. It's gotten considerably worse and I'm seeking medical assistance to get to the bottom of it; all I know so far is that I don't have any visible ear damage or infection.

I've actually suffered from "normal" tinnitus for many years, so I'm familiar with its symptoms (including its inexplicable comings and goings). What I have now is far, far worse that anything I've ever experienced: it's a skull-shattering wail that easily overpowers outside noise and renders concentration futile. I'm at a total loss.

I'm hoping to see another doctor within the next few days.


Carol Maltby said...

Mac, I see that hypnosis seems to have a pretty good track record. Might be worth a try once you've had all the diagnostics done by the speciallist.

Kevin Hogan (first site that came up in a search)cautions to make sure there isn't any known organic condition causing it before going ahead with hypnosis. He gives what seems to be a fairly straightforward discussion of how the process would work.

Wishing you healing,


W.M. Bear said...

Mac -- Again, my suggestion might seem a bit offbeat but here goes. Try finding an M.D. (that is, a "real" doctor) who ALSO practices "alternative medicine." (I know there are such to be found in large urban areas, anyway.) My sense is that things haven't changed since I had my own tinnitus diagnosed a while back, to wit, that there really isn't any kind of "standard" medical treatment for the condition, so you really haven't got anything to love by taking the alternative medicine tack. (Alas, it doesn't sound as though it could get much worse.) I would include Carol's suggestion of trying hypnosis as part of seeking out alternative therapies but there are others as well, including (as I mentioned in the previous thread on this) homeopathy.

Anyway, I definitely second Carol's healing wish!

W.M. Bear said...

Or acupuncture. That's it. Definitely try acupuncture, which has a record for healing exactly this kind of condition.

Chris said...

No advice to offer, but my god, it sounds horrible. Best of luck in whipping it, or at least getting it under control!