Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Intriguing video of twin (?) UFOs over Lake Erie:

For more, click here.

(Thanks to The Anomalist.)


Anonymous said...

The most likely explanation is that this video is showing planes stacked up for landing at a nearbye airport. I’ve received email from two people who live in the Cincinnati area, claiming that they see this sight all the time over Lake Erie. They also state that the ground conditions and lack of any visible ice on the lake, are inconsistent with when Sereda claims the footage was shot. I’ve tried to get David Sereda to divulge the date and location this video was shot from, and he refuses to respond to the requests. There are more reasons to question this footage, such as the fact that the person who shot it, is listed as a co-producer of Sereda’s new film featuring said footage. I had the most ridiculous email exchange with Sereda about this situation in the last few days, with him avoiding any detailed response to my legitimate research questions, and in the end, accusing me of being an NSA operative and UFO debunker, neither of which is even close to the truth. It’s sad when the search for actual answers is made difficult by people with commercial agendas and a desire to support a particular theory or stance, without regard to the objective, verifiable facts that exist regarding this phenomena.

Mac said...

Hi David,

This does look a lot like a refueling operation.

Sorry to hear your efforts are being thwarted by morons.

W.M. Bear said...

I'd have to agree with you and db, Mac. My first thought was, "airplane running lights." There also seems to a splicing in of different footage, where we're seeing a gray sky and seashore instead of apparent night blackness for most of the film. Definitely one of the LEAST convincing "UFO" I'VE seen anyway.