Monday, December 31, 2007

Apocalypse? Mmm, bring it on

The reason for the relish is partly obvious: humans find accidents fascinating: the bigger the spill, the bigger the thrill. Something else, however, lends to the Apocalypse a spice absent from even the most cosmic of motorway pile-ups: a sense of justice. Mankind, we are told, has brought this upon itself. After hubris will come nemesis. As we sowed, so shall we reap. Our chickens are coming home to roost, or sins returning to haunt us. How awful. How delicious.

(Via J. Orlin Grabbe.)

Nothing J.G. Ballard couldn't have told you about.


Anonymous said...

At least the end of the world would be some kind of solution ...

Anonymous said...

As I'm often fond of pointing out, there is actually a small city in southwestern Iraq named Armageddon. (But I'll spare everyone my Armageddon knock-knock joke this time around....)

Anonymous said...

I'd like some extra relish on my hubris, thank you. No, more!

Hmmmm...delicious! Apocalypto burgers are the best! May my cholesterol-laden heart burst in deep-fried caloric appreciation.

That memeburger was so exquisite that I could die in peace no matter how we kill the planet now.