Friday, December 14, 2007

Spacecraft chases highest clouds

"These clouds are getting brighter with time, they're seen more often and also they're being seen at lower latitudes," said James Russell from Hampton University, Virginia, US.

"These are things we don't understand and they all suggest a possible connection to global change; and we need to understand that connection and what it means for the whole atmosphere," he told BBC News.


Anonymous said...

Like most of us, I find much about Hoagland's writing and thought processes to be totally offputting. Much of what he says is, in Mr. Spock's famous phrase, "most illogical," especially since he tends to equate the fact that he believes something to be true with proof that it IS true.

Despite this fact, however, I still think Hoagland continues to make some important and very basic points about planetary SETI. THE most important one (IMHO) being that if NASA ever WERE to discover alien artifacts (and, unlike Hoagland, I'm uncertain that they actually have) you and I would be the last to hear about it.

Given what we know about government secrecy re anything and everything, I find it hard to believe that NASA WOULDN'T keep the existence of alien secret, just on the face of it. So I certainly find this aspect of Hoagland's argument entirely plausible.

--W.M. Bear

Mac said...


As much as tire of his antics, I don't reject Hoagland out of hand. I'm skeptical of his claims that NASA already knows there are ET artifacts on the Moon and Mars, but I'm sorely tempted to agree that if there were they'd be kept under wraps.