Saturday, December 22, 2007

Lobster serves as model for new X-ray device

A lobster's eyes, which look like small antenna, are made up of thousands of tiny square channels that allow the eyes to focus by reflection, rather than by refraction -- or the bending of light -- as human eyes do.

That unique optical geometric design, which allows lobsters to see in the dimmest light, is being adapted into a "lobster-eye lens" that focuses the X-ray images so that the device can actually see through a wall and project an image of what's on the other side.

Given the way people are treated at airports post 9-11, I'm surprised this gadget doesn't come equipped with pincers.


Anonymous said...

In Charlie Stross' Accelerando, the first uploaded creatures were lobsters. In the VR environment, they bootstrapped themselves to sentience and hitched a ride on an interplanetary probe.

Prophecy maybe?

Mac said...

I *still* haven't read "Accelerando." But I'm more intrigued every time I hear about it!

Anonymous said...

Great read. Fast paced. Not for a novice though, one definitely needs some idea what a technological singularity is.

Imagine swallowing a handful of "bennies" and chasing them down with espresso.

Good shit.

Mac said...


I've read "Singularity Sky," which I thought was refreshingly funny and astute.

Anonymous said...


Charlie's prose in most of his work has that satirical, humorous and insightful quality. He has a good grasp on the human condition.

Of course you already know this. I envy you people who can write great fiction, or any other form of art.

I'm still trying to recover my muse. She got buried pretty good when I was in the Marines.