Friday, December 21, 2007

The "Blade Runner" final cut boxed set is out. You know you want it.

(How much for just the briefcase? If that's not a cyberpunk chick-magnet, I don't know what is.)


Katie said...

We're buying an HD DVD player just for this.

Well, maybe not just for this, but it will be one of the first DVDs that we purchase. :o)

Mac said...


You've got taste, girl!

Anonymous said...

I. want. one. With the spinner air car. Must. have. soon.

Gort! Go fetch me one! Get going! Oh, jeez, ok, one more time: Klatu birada nikto! Whatta ya mean, that's not the correct key pass-phrase? I created it, you know. Now, don't get snippy with me! Don't go all Hoagland on me, iron man. Gort! Stop! Put down that visor! You know how sensitive my eyes are to 5000 megawatt lasers!
AAAaaauuggghhhghizarsh...! 8^}