Friday, December 28, 2007

His name is "Mac." He's white, bald, and he lives in Kansas City. He's Mac Lethal*, and he's a rapper, not an author/blogger. In other words, we're like bizarro versions of each other; if we ever met and shook hands, we'd probably explode in a 100% conversion of mass-to-energy.

Anyway, here's his MySpace page.

*How am I supposed to compete with a last name like that?


Anonymous said...

Should we call him "Mac" or "Mr. Lethal"?

Anonymous said...

Holy shite Mac, he is the 'anti-Mac'!

And in the same city as you. This is creepy weird and quite Fortean actually.

I didn't realize doppelgangerism (is that a word?) can occur in such close proximity!

Yeah, if you guys touch, it'll vaporize K.C. for sure!

Anonymous said...

I _warned_ you about the effects of travelling too closely to the Chrono Synclastic Infundibulum! Now look what's happened! The only solution is to throw some of your heavy-weight singularity rap at him, to use those "tonnies" of super-dense neutron star dark matter to simply CRUSH his faux "lethal-ity," and just trans humanize him into an SF writer! DO IT NOW! Before it's too late for all of us...god help us!

Let me know how that goes, OK?

Oh, wait a sec--if you did what I just suggested, then he'd become your bizarro evil twin! Little too close for comfort in KC. Never mind. Must have been my mirror neurons reflecting tachyons again. Or something...I know! Just get your old "Communion" mask on, abduct him in the dead of night, and dye him black! Then he can start rapping, "Ice, Ice, Baby..." under his hypnotoad-induced new name of "Chocolate Slushie" and you will never hear of him again...

Word to your mother...8^}

---Winston Niles Rumfoord, KV/SOT!

Paul Kimball said...

He's no match for Crypto MT!