Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A ufological anthem?


Daniel Brenton said...

Mac --

Not to be Simon Cowell, but ... can we see the next contestant?

The Odd Little Universe of Daniel Brenton

e said...

My bet is that this little gem, this mutilation of Fortean sacred cows will stir up some ire.

Anonymous said...

That's a lot of fun. Just more mainstreaming the "idea". I hope he gets his wish, everyone should get to see at least one flying saucer in the course of their lifetime.


Anonymous said...

Anthem? You mean like the Star-Spangled Banner? Uh-huh. Let's just say it's somewhat unlikely to be sung prior to any ufo conventions or baseball games...

Hey, Elan--someone has left you a small holiday present at the Dec. 5th post here about robot cockroaches, from very far away. Bob says, check it out!

e said...

Hi Bob,
Your extension on the narrative is a scream! Brilliant!
I wonder if Mac has been following it?
Thank you for the hat tip!

Anonymous said...

You're welcome--after I read your two posts, which I thought were very funny, I was inspired to extend the riff.

Has Mac been following it? I doubt it--I've noticed a tendency in general at blogs that when comments are belatedly posted after a few days, and the particular post involved has been superseded by a bunch of newer posts, it's pretty rare that either commenters or blog owners go back to earlier posts to put in subsidiary remarks.

Mac's pretty good at posting follow-up comments, compared to most, but when a post "ages" for awhile, and a certain number of comments have been made in relation to the older posts, the tendency is not to go back too far over time, as newer posts and comments "at the top of the queue" are still "active," and garner the most current attention.

Hell, if someone were to try to respond to all the belated comments on older posts, or just check for same, they be spending considerable time doing just that, which is usually not worth the effort.

While I suspect blog-owners are notified in some manner of new or additional comments coming in to older posts, unless there's some compelling reason to add their further comments, most will not.

So I guess my little riff will remain buried, which is perfectly OK. In fact, I would bet you may not even see this comment or reply, in turn, due to the situation I just outlined above.

It will remain our goofy little "secret." Heh! 8^)

Mac said...

Ha! With comments like these, who needs posts? ;-)

Anonymous said...

(Oh, dear. I guess you did notice.)

Heh, don't get me started........sssSSHHH!

(I'm trying to have a private comm with Elan in a semi-public place!)

Just who do you think you are, anyway? The blog-owner!? (oh, yeah, that's right...you are....sheesh--how embarrasskin'!) 8^)

So, you do get automatic notice of any comments on older posts, right?

How about _really_ old ones, like your very first few? There may be a little easter egg around there.

So, Elan--assuming you check back here, yes, I would guess we should assume Mac noticed the original thread. Go see. Thanks for the compliment, Mac, to Elan and some weirdo who calls himself wintermuskox z4 or something. 8^)

Mac said...

I SEE ALL. :-)