Friday, December 21, 2007

Japanese Official Admits UFOs Exist

This headline currently graces Whitley Strieber's Unknown Country website. Unfortunately, it's inaccurate. The official in question doesn't know that UFOs exist, nor is he "admitting" anything; he simply "believes" that UFOs exist.* Nothing wrong with that, but it's not nearly as cool as a government official mentioning (even in passing) "insider" knowledge of the subject.

Ironically, Strieber goes on to lament the stubborn state of the media and its proven inability to address the UFO question. While his sentiments are understandable enough, his website's persistent misrepresentations are less accommodating to nonbiased readers.

*George W. Bush evidently believes that he's spoken with Jesus. Is this press-stopping news that the Judeo-Christian God exists? By Strieber's plastic journalistic standards, the answer can only be "yes."


richelle said...

I kind of pretty much sorta had to just stop reading over there.

Mac said...


I check Unknown Country to read Strieber's occasional "journal" entries. The so-called "news" items are typically lame and out-of-date.

Anonymous said...

I really wonder about the context here.

When Japan’s chief cabinet secretary, Nobutaka Machimura, who is the government’s top spokesman, said he "definitely believes" in ufos, did he say it "tongue-in-cheek?"

What was the question asked by the press that prompted his response?

I think we need a YouTube video with translation to see how and why the question came up and how Machimura phrased his response.

Further info from Billy Cox's blog:

Anonymous said...

Isn't it kind of stupid to say that you "believe" in UFO's. A UFO is simply an "Unidentified Flying Object." Clearly there ARE plenty of "flying objects" that continue to go "unidentified." It's not a matter of belief.

So I'm guessing that what people may "really" mean when they say that they "believe in UFO's" is that they believe UFOs are some specific kind of exterrestrial craft, to wit, an alien spaceship. (But of course they're afraid to just come out and say the logically correct assertion -- given their evident "belief" -- "I believe that some UFO's are alien spaceships." Why is that hard?

Mac said...


Yes, it's silly to assert belief in UFOs, given that a UFO could be just about anything.

"I believe that some UFO's are alien spaceships." Why is that hard?

Because UFO has become unfortunately synonymous with "ET craft."

"Unexplained Atmospheric Phenomenon," anybody? :-)

Anonymous said...

Unexplained Atmospheric Phenomenon," anybody?

Sure. And logical too.

Until somebody that has real answers who doesn't sound like they need massive amounts of thorazine speaks up, we'll never find out.

Or massive physical evidence.

Anonymous said...

Well, I watched a youtube of Machimura, guys. It's fairly apparent his tongue was deeply embedded in cheek by the little grin on his face.

Yet another non-event played up by the absurdist MSM. I think this sad, little joke was confirmed by the defense chief's references to Godzilla, imho.