Friday, December 28, 2007

A couple intriguing UFOMystic posts:

Creepy Entity Video (Greg Bishop)

Of all the weird videos posted in various places, this one, apparently from Poland on May 20th keeps replaying itself in my mind. Unfortunately, the full video is now nowhere to be found.

Not true! The full video can be found (albeit in unnervingly small-scale Quicktime format) here. Scroll a bit and you'll see it. (The video is indeed creepy.)

UFOs & Unit 731 (Nick Redfern)

Could Nick's "Body Snatchers in the Desert" be on the right track? I wonder.


Greg Bishop said...

I guess the computer that I used didn't show the video. I'll look when I get home.

I wonder when the Unit 731 stuff was posted by the NSA people as "UFO"-related? After Nick's book perhaps?

Mac said...

I wonder when the Unit 731 stuff was posted by the NSA people as "UFO"-related? After Nick's book perhaps?

Nick's "Body Snatchers" research could be why the subjects are on the same page. Or maybe someone else has had similar suspicions.

Anonymous said...

"Body Snatchers in the Desert" completely convinced me that the so-called "Roswell Aliens" were completely bogus -- as aliens, at any rate.

Mac said...


"Body Snatchers" is compelling but not the final word. I suspect Nick will continue to follow the lead, regardless where it takes him.

Anonymous said...

I think the little cellphone character is a fake, once again.

And the reference to Unit 731 on the NSA list of terms not found within "responsive records" merely reflects the fact, as the list shows, that probably someone sent an FOIA in based on some of the contentions in Nick's book about Unit 731 subjects being the source of the "bodies" seen at the Roswell incident.

Since the NSA didn't exist until 1952, they wouldn't have responsive records on a 1947 incident, anyway. CIA has a similar list of non-responsive terms included in prior FOIA requests, which I would suggest are there to let people know that including such terms will not yield any documents, so don't bother trying, even though some of the terms are relevant and might yield positive results if they were sent to the correct agency concerned, like the USAF or other military/intelligence agency or group actually involved and originally responsible, like Project Stork, which was an Army-Air Force or DOD project, and later, under Project White Stork, USAF Air Technical Intelligence Center (or, overall, DOD) translation and analysis project within which UFO analysis was included or "tucked into", such as the Battelle study for ATIC that became PBB SR #14. No big conspiratorial deal, imho.