Monday, December 24, 2007

DIY brain stimulation tech! You'll thank me!


Anonymous said...

Persinger is fairly well known, and his "god helmet" technology has been validated. (Or at least published in peer reviewed journals...)

Have you actually used this Shakti device? Do you think it is a hoax?

Anonymous said...

Great stuff and great find Mac!

The helmet is a trip!

Mac said...

No, I've never used one ... but I'm sorely tempted to build my own.

e said...

This is why you have one of the best blogs (if not THE best blog) on the planet...every visit provokes, sustains, enrages, enlightens and entertains.
I was thinking of your blog when I bought the book, "Darklore, Vol.1" from amazon (Forteans everywhere, take a look ASAP) and my very first question was: "Hey - my money was well spent; no complaint - but I need to see Mac Tonnies and the Cryptoterrestrial Hypothesis in Vol. 2."
Money talks - so, to whom do I write with this request?