Thursday, December 13, 2007

Author/blogger Daniel Brenton has a tentative plan to "fix" UFO research, effectively starving out the "kook factor" that pollutes our collective understanding of the phenomenon (or phenomena) by appealing to peer review and skeptical oversight. Will it work? I don't know. But I don't see what we have to lose by trying.


Daniel Brenton said...

Mac --

Thanks for the mention.

Will it work? Well, all the cliches are true. If we don't try, we've already failed.

Though I'm not entirely sure the same kinds of rules for management are applicable to the UFO community (can you manage crypto-terrestrial hybrids the same way as people?), what I saw of the Toastmaster community here in Vegas when I was involved was that good leadership really made it come together. I suspect that's the key.

Toastmasters is a volunteer organization by in large, and there may be lessons we can learn there.

So Mac -- who are the UFO leaders?

Now, I think I can say we all love "Uncle Stan," whether we care for ETH or not, and I think we all respect the work of Bruce Maccabee, but that's not what I mean. There are obviously individuals who have done very important things, but who do we all turn to for guidance? Maybe I'm just being shortsighted here, but I'm having a hard time trying to identify any.

I can think of a couple of "pretenders to the throne," but that's all they are.

(I was going to make a joke about an alpha male in a cat herd, but it's just not coming together.)

Again, appreciate the support.

The Odd Little Universe of Daniel Brenton

Anonymous said...

I would appreciate serious, unbiased inquiry. Is there such a thing?