Thursday, December 13, 2007

Under the sea: Dubai's underwater hotel takes shape

Guests and visitors will arrive at the land station, on Dubai's Jumeirah Beach, where they can view a high-tech cinema presentation on the evolution of aquatic life and underwater architecture. The wave-shaped land station will be stunning to look at in its own right, and it will house Hydropolis staff, marine biology research labs, a conference center, parking and even a cosmetic surgery practice.

Come for the meditative underwater ambience -- stay for the face-lifts!

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Anonymous said...

I dunno about the practicality of underwater hotels--all it would take is one jihadist with a beef and a 14-pound sledgehammer in his suitcase to check in and decide this "evil western capitalist-funded" venture has to come down.

Sound ridiculous? OK, how about smuggling in binary chemical components or the equivalent, like C-4 plastique explosives in luggage, checking in, and then blowing out the spacious aquarium window in their suite?

Unless such hotels resort to uber-TSA-type screening of their guests and luggage topside, which people who can afford over $5000 a night for sleeping inside a reverse fishbowl will resent and resist, I could see this happening.

Even then, what about just some employee who works at such an underwater hotel, and is secretly an islamo-fascist, or just suicidally crazy, doing the deed? Seems like it would just be a matter of time, with all those very rich guests consolidated in one very vulnerable place...

When you have extraordinarily expense developments that only extremely rich, powerful people can afford to stay at, and that can be destroyed by a single-point failure or terrorist/insane act, the vulnerabilities are immense, and represent a tempting target.

Say, I just realized something--space hotels are even more vulnerable--especially the inflatable Bigelow type--all it would take is one person smuggling a box-cutter on their person, or just a razor-blade, and WHOOMP!

Can you say catastrophic implosion? I knew you could...sorry to have to mention such a downer idea, but if I can conceive of it, anyone else can too.