Saturday, December 15, 2007

Silver Bridge Disaster 40 Years On (Greg Bishop)

Despite numerous attempts to debunk the Mothman itself, the concatenation of strange events in the area from 1966-67 still continues to defy rational explanation, and is a classic case of a paranormal "window"-type event. Like hauntings and UFO flaps, the period of strangeness lasted for a finite amount of time, and Keel looked at the period in a way that still provides a good lens to examine other spooky goings-on.


Anonymous said...

Amazing but true, I had travelled across this bridge many times as a youth. My father had lived in Point Pleasant as a child and we visited friends and distant family members there many times. Being from that general area of the country I was very aware of the Mothman reports.
The reports were often carried on local radio broadcasts as part of the regular news.

It was pretty creepy stuff then and I can assure you, long before anyone else began paying attention to these stories, many people in Point Pleasant were convinced something very strange had been happening there for quite some time.


e said...

Greg -
Stop teasing and tell us when your next book is coming out.

Mac said...

Greg *is* about due for a new one, huh?

Then again, look who's talking.

Greg Bishop said...


I don't know. Someone has to accept one of my proposals and pay me! The publishing business is very strange.

Mac said...

The publishing business is very strange.

Very true.