Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bigfoot Body: "Georgia Gorilla" Will Shock The World

We shall see . . .


Anonymous said...

I've been watching this story as it progresses and will continue to do so. Seems like a few crypto beasts are getting some press these days, remember Hogzilla. There is also some new footage of the supposed Chupacabra in Texas. The Anomolist has posted the footage.


Nick Redfern said...

I have to say I am cautiously excited and intrigued, but we'll see...

Mac said...

I'm skeptical as hell about this one, but I'll hold my breath until the evidence is in. If there is any.

However, if this is by some chance for real -- what an enormous scientific discovery.

Nick Redfern said...

The one thing more than any other that keeps me intrigued are Loren Coleman's comments, and who now suggests this could indeed be something truly significant. If not, it's back to where we were before, but I'm very interested to see where it all leads...

Michael Mott said...

Mac and Nick,

From the way Loren has responded (today), I've moved from skeptical to tentatively hopeful about this "body." But from the way the guys who allegedly found the thing have been behaving, I'm still a bit leery.

Of course, it would figure that a couple of rednecks (not that there's anything wrong with rednecks, as I have a pint or two of such blood in my own lineage) would stumble across a corpse eventually, rather than one being captured or killed by someone who is actually looking for it. Their luck = instant fame, and probably a sizeable paycheck, if it turns out to be true.

This could open a HUGE can of worms, including "bigfoot activism," thousands of couch potatoes hitting the woodlands of North America en masse, and so on. Again, if not a hoax, this will lend STRONG vindication to the hypothesis that there are one or more (I lean toward more, like Mac) hidden bipedal races or specie on this planet with us. This will be PROOF that this is the case, in fact, and will be long overdue.

On the other hand, a hoax of such a magnitude will heap monumental scorn upon all anomalous research in the eyes of much of the public, and that would be a shame indeed.

Michael, as for the so-called Texas "chupacabras," all I can say is this: WHEN are the various buffoons out there going to STOP calling sick, diseased, deformed, malnourished, or of-questionable-parentage CANIDS "chupacabras?" I mean, ENOUGH already! All this demonstrates is stupidity. The "original" chupcabras is something so far removed from a canine-like form as for this all to be beyond laughable: largely bipedal, roughly humanoid-headed, kangaroo (or saurian) body configuration, quilled spine, gliding ability...Definitely not a dog. Maybe someone should come up with another name or term for these sickly Texas coydogs or whatever they actually are--but chupacabras, as in Puerto Rican original, they are not.

-Mike Mott

Mac said...

It's fun to imagine a "post-Bigfoot" world, isn't it? One word: PETA!

Mac said...

This just in:


My guess? Hoax. But I hope I'm wrong.

Michael Mott said...

Looks like a hoax--the similarities to the mask of the costume shown are just too close to be coincidence.

If it is a hoax, I hope that some sort of law against fraud will be brought to bear.

Mac said...

Yep -- I'm afraid the mask just might cinch this one. Oh, well -- the perpetrators will get their 15 minutes and everyone else interested in the "paranormal" will be made to look like idiots by the mainstream media.

Nothing new here; move along.

Anonymous said...

My question is if this thing is real, why the delay? If it were truly a "real" bigfoot carcass it would have been revealed the day it was found.

Someone is trying to build publicity, maybe a viral marketing thing. If it were real, again, the publicity would be unstoppable.

Like Brett Favre

Michael Mott said...

As predicted previously, it has already begun:


-Mike Mott

intense said...

The phrase, "extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof," popularized by Carl Sagan, certainly does apply here.

It's a fake, and, as Mac and DM Duncan, among many others beforehand in the past 24 hours have revealed, this rather poorly orchestrated hoax, and somewhat disturbing fraud, by Tom Biscardi and bigfoottrackers.com's pair of founding goofballs, Rick and Matt, has been long in developing, but short in it's denouement.

I just hope they get what they all deserve, but considering the record of Biscardi in particular, and his lengthy history of fraudulent activities, there will be no surprise if his puerile, stupid activities continue--google his name on the net, and the terms "hoax" or "fraud."

What is surprising, in a way, considering Loren Coleman's history with these guys, is how his initial skepticism seemed to turn to a "this may be for real" kind of guarded optimism, despite all the signs that should have been self-evident.

I think it all says much about the "will to believe" distorting the objective acumen that must be brought to bear on such subjects, such as the ufo phenomenon, for example.

A very important lesson has been provided--let's see how well those involved, and in "the audience" for this little "para-drama" scandal actually learn from it.

Mac said...

What is surprising, in a way, considering Loren Coleman's history with these guys, is how his initial skepticism seemed to turn to a "this may be for real" kind of guarded optimism, despite all the signs that should have been self-evident.

To me, *that*'s what's weird about this whole stupid affair. I don't know a lot about Coleman, but he's always seemed to be a an island of sanity in the cryptozoological sea. I think his fondness for Bigfoot was craftily exploited in order to make him look foolish -- although, to be fair, Coleman never endorsed the claim; he merely encouraged a "wait and see" attitude.

BTW, I sincerely doubt there will be a "press conference."

intense said...

Well, Mac, I'd have to disagree slightly, to some degree, about Coleman having simply an agnostic "wait and see" attitude--read not just his comments, but his replies to various parties in the comments of the three differing threads on his site about the "Georgia Gorilla"--it would not surprise me either if a certain element of revanchist revisionism emerges shortly as a result of this apparently intentional manipulation of Coleman--no one likes to get burned by cons in public.

Boy, a very small part of me, I hate to admit, _does_ sort of hope there is a press conference--the promotors of this hoax, Rick and Matt, aided by Tom Biscardi, and Bob, their press agent, all seem so venal, greedy, and stupid, that, although only "credentialed press representatives" will be allowed to attend, there's enough data all over the net now that, if any, if not all, journos involved don't turn this into a wild skepti-bunker circus, and unfortunately with good cause here, all I can say is that they would be utterly clueless and should turn their press passes in at the door on the way out, to be shredded.

I have to think though, based on history, that the mainstream press, who relish exposing and reporting on this kind of disinfotainment, and who might have been lined up to go, would not let any such "opportunity" pass. Too juicy. Blood in the water, and all that ...jazz.

I mean, really--what a festival of disaster! I think this has all and more of the finer elements of one of the more horrifying Jerry Springer shows of manufactured lies and profit-making, staged conflict of dark renown, all too popular these days.

I might even pay a few bucks, if I had any to spare, just to sit in on any such press conference, even if I had to stay silent, just to be able to observe the dynamics of such inexplicable proceedings to unfold (although, upon minimal consideration, I realize that would just be schadenfreude, which would be quite inappropriate, and perhaps even more bizarre that my mutato brain could morally and ethically withstand, so, eh, probably not). I can dream, though, can't I? 8^}

I do agree with Mac and D.M. Duncan of The Keyhoe Report that there most likely will not be a press conference now, but who knows, the guys involved are so utterly stupid, they may still think there are enough fools out there who might buy into their nonsense, including elements of the media (doubtful--they enjoy participating, like alpha wolf sharks, in this kind of paranormal feeding frenzy, and would tear them apart), but, OTOH, not unlike the Santilli "Alien Autopsy" fiasco proved can be done if carefully staged, if there's money to be made, pathological lies to be told, and video tapes or TV documentaries to be sold, well... who knows?

Sociopathic greed, and preying on the "will to believe," of the all too gullible and credulous, in diversionary want of such "needful things," often does achieve the primary goal of providing groveling, financial sustenance, regardless of any other consequences, within aspects of our culture today. That, plus how this will affect Coleman's rep, is what is most disturbing.

Hmmm... Hey, I may be onto something! Conspiratorial speculation: CSICOP is behind it, and certain parties will be quietly paid off...nah, too nuts, even for them.

But, what if, holy gods of gonzo, the press conference does happen? What would that mean? (If so, and Prometheus Press puts out a DVD of same, then there may be more to it....nah, too weird.)

Perhaps, if someone purchases the film rights to any such (now doubtful) press conference itself, they could make a TV documentary out of that! I might even buy a DVD of that, I'm ashamed to say. Gah! Meh...

Purely, you understand, (cough) to oh, so judiciously study and analyze the psycho-social dynamics therein. Ahem. (cough) *sigh*

How disheartening, about how much all this reveals to be seen. Sad, really. Seriously.

Michael Mott said...

There's one more possibility that hasn't been considered, to wit:

The obvious and badly hoaxed "bigfoot body" in the freezer, photos of which were "accidentally leaked" a few convenient days ahead of time, may be an intentional red herring on Biscardi's part.

He has been implicated, no, proven to have been involved in hoaxes before. So what does he do when he finally gets his mitts on "the real thing"? He knows that many people will instantly assume he is hoaxing yet again. So he sets up a straw man for his critics to knock down--the bigfoot dummy we've all seen now.

Then he holds a press conference, and reveals a different and biologically genuine anomaly, and watches all his critics not just go down in flames, but grind their teeth in frustration at being duped yet again, even though he has "the real thing" also. I wouldn't put such a stunt past him.

Of course this is just hypothetical--but the photos shown so far show an obviously hoaxed "creature".

-Mike Mott

Mike Mott said...

Listening to Biscardi right now---I have to say he sounds convincing, and his explanation about the decomposition might explain the "mask-like" look of the head of the creature and its limbs.


This may end up being a huge story yet.


Mac said...

He knows that many people will instantly assume he is hoaxing yet again. So he sets up a straw man for his critics to knock down--the bigfoot dummy we've all seen now.

Hmmm. Interesting take!