Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm a somewhat jaded Fortean and I'd never so much as heard about "BEKs" until happening across the following.

Black Eyed Kids: Another Look

I suspect that BEKs appear as children because they want to be trusted; they attempt to appeal to human compassion and the natural desire to help a child. The average person is much more likely to let a strange child into their house than a strange adult. If we theorize that BEKs appear as children because they want to appear as children, we must then ask ourselves: why the black eyes? why the fear? Both seem counterproductive to the goal of the targeted person letting them in.

I have a theory; a hypothesis, and although I am going out on the proverbial limb here, I hope that you will stay with me and that it will make sense when I am done.

BEKs have a common feature with another entity that is often reported in the modern world: "grey" aliens. There is little difference between the large black eyes of the typical grey and the eyes of a BEK; some witnesses of BEKs also note that their eyes seem to be "too big" as well as being all-black. Greys are usually reported as being 4 - 5 feet tall, or about the same size as a young boy.

(Via The Anomalist.)

Update: Greg Bishop comments.


mister ecks said...

creepy! i'd never heard of this either.

Mac said...

Well, now that you know, be afraid! Be very afraid! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Urban myth begun by one Mr. Bethel with a story he wrote in 1998.