Saturday, August 16, 2008

Found Image #9


intense said...


"What was Sensorama? It was a mechanized marvel that used motion, sound, smells, even artificial breezes, to convince users they were riding a motorcycle through the streets of Brooklyn or watching a belly dancer perform.

"Today, Sensorama would probably be called a "virtual reality video game" but in those days, no such thing as a video game or virtual reality existed."

Mac said...

Not exactly "Neuromancer," huh?

retrointense said...

Ha! Nope. Not hardly. Cyberspace is an imaginal, multi-party, "mutual consenusual hallucination" of the virtual, connected, realm of the mind, for now.

Now, if you could only or practically network a couple dozen old "Sensorama's" together...nah, too much hassle for not enough positive feedback. Forget I texturally uvulated... 8*%!?

self abusive intense grammar nazi said...

Uh, "consensual," above. Garsh... Hyuck!

Arthur said...

I remember playing(?)one of these in the early 70s!
It was in the arcade on Disneylands' Main Street. I liked it because you really felt like you were riding a motorcycle..handlebars shook, wind in your face.. along with the film you were shown.. I played it a few times with my friends, it was great. Think it cost 50 cents a ride.