Saturday, August 16, 2008

Russia threatens nuclear attack on Poland over US missile shield deal

Russia's nuclear rhetoric marks an intense new phase in the war of words over Georgia. The Caucasus conflict has spiralled into a Cold War style confrontation between Moscow and Washington in less than a week.


Chris Wren said...

Heck of a Job, George!

comrade intensky said...

Oh, c'mon! Not everything is Georgie's fault. I mean, whatta about Cheney? 8^}

Seriously though, this increasingly strident, rhetorical sabre-rattling is truly ignorant, and could get out of hand.

Perhaps some would like to see a return to the old, frighteningly familiar, bipolar world of nuclear superpower confrontation, but this stupid alpha-chimp pissing contest could turn seriously ugly, if it keeps up.

Putin has, shall we say, due to his dictatorial actions, some degree of blame for Russia's reactionary overkill and low-order, lethal primate display, don't you think?