Monday, August 18, 2008

Mogul Didn't Matter (Kevin Randle)

With the collapse of the Soviet Union, and with everyone knowing that there are dozens of spy satellites up there photographing everything down here, there was no need to keep the Mogul secret, so the Air Force trotted it out to explain the Roswell crash debris. Mogul was a high priority project, they say. It was top secret, they say. But in the end, it was just a bunch of balloons tied together, sometimes with microphones attached and sometimes not. Nothing unusual to fool ranchers, Army officers, sheriffs or anyone else who might have found the remains of Mogul.


intense said...

"Mogul Didn't Matter"

Well, yes, it did matter. Quite a bit, actually. But, in ways that either Randle doesn't understand, or does not want to. And, both the project, and some of the assemblies, such as the payload, and combination of technologies carred by Mogul, were both Top Secret, and Restricted Data, the latter being an old Atomic Energy Agency additional classification modifier.

This is subtle, but part of the Top Secret of Mogul's purpose or intent might have been discerned by a civilian recovery, and subsequent civilian scientific analysis of the payload, and the combination of related tech supporting the payload function, which could have given away the purpose of Mogul, and hence the secret itself of what it was designed to listen for.

I could say more, but perhaps I'll do so in detail on his blog, instead of here.

My question is, isn't there considerable doubt (and at least debate) about whether Mogul balloon train #4 was even ever launched, regardless of where it may have fallen, or not fallen, to ground?

Mac said...


Although the acoustic sensor might have "given away" Mogul's mission, the balloons and radar reflectors are what, according to the AF, caused identification problems. And that's the part that's so troubling. I'd be interested in Randle's take, if you're inclined to comment on his blog.

And yes, it's very doubtful that #4 even existed, in which case Mogul fails resoundingly as an explanation for what was found.