Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Here's a follow-up to a story I blogged in October of last year:

Did 'Masked Little People' Attack Bishop?

For more than a year, speculation, rumors and mystery have surrounded the former leader of the Gallup Catholic Diocese, in Albuquerque, N.M.

Last July, Bishop Donald Pelotte sustained multiple injuries in his home. He said he fell down a flight of stairs, but a mysterious 911 call from Pelotte is casting doubt on his claim -- so are his injuries.

[. . .]

And adding more mystery to his injuries was a bizarre call to 911.

A dispatch log from September details Gallup police were called to the bishop's home after he told operators "gentle little people about 3 to 4 feet tall wearing Halloween masks" were in his home.

"Can you tell me what happened?" the dispatcher asked.

"They're just moving. They've been quiet. They've been going upstairs in the bedrooms and hiding behind the artifacts. But they don't talk," said Pelotte, adding that they were wearing masks.

(Via The Keyhoe Report.)

Close encounter, hallucination or something altogether more disturbing . . . ?


Cap'n Marrrrk said...

Speculation: The tulpas of molested Alter Boys.

Speculation: There is a lot of Native American "spiritual" energy in the SW, maybe they are pissed at the the Catholic intrusion.

Speculation: The Bishop is plumb crazy.

Anonymous said...

I thought you had to be crazy just to qualify as a Bishop!


Anonymous said...

If he'd just fallen down the stairs, he may have been delirious. If he made the call before he'd sustained his many injuries, then it is a whole 'nother matter! Anyone found the full transcript of the 911 call?

Anonymous said...

Nevermind, a closer read shows that his injuries were in July, and then two months later he was sighting people in his home.

Greg Bishop said...

I'm a Bishop. I'm crazy, but no "gentle little people" visiting my place yet. Iposted about this at the time too.

A Catholic blog links this story:

Now he admits, when confronted by a reporter, that the story was ridiculous–there’s no way his injuries could have been caused by a fall. But now he claims he doesn’t remember what happened.

hoy bowdy said...

Ah, the infamous Nixonian advice given during Watergate to his co-conspirators in the White House, before the fall:

"You can just say, I do not recall that, Senator." [paraphrased]

Bet he does, though. Beat down on the Bishop, based on beatific entreaties, abruptly and brutally abbreviated? Brain injury, resulting in bogus and bizarre confabulation? Confabulous!