Sunday, August 17, 2008

Film-maker Jesús Olmo sent me the following clip today. It's quite possibly the best metaphor for the human condition I've ever seen, subtle and unnerving. (I could say more, but I recommend you watch it.)

MVI_8977 movie from Jesús Olmo on Vimeo.

Flatteringly, the video's captioned by a quote from an angsty essay I posted way back in 2004:

Perhaps we are larvae, subject to incurable neuroses that will cease to exist only when we ourselves cease to exist, supplanted by something new, and fundamentally better. Maybe some people's "winnowing" -- seemingly psychotic from our narrow vantage on the evolutionary bridge -- is an essential instrument in the betterment of our species, or at least a lens through which to glimpse where we're headed.


Anonymous said...

there was no punch line.

Mac said...

there was no punch line.

Oh, but there *was*. The larva painfully rights itself only to fall back down -- not a frivolous directorial decision by a long shot.