Sunday, August 31, 2008

What are we seeing here?

My money is on a a mass of tethered balloons, but the object seems just unusual enough to warrant a closer look.

For more information, click here.

(Thanks to William Michael Mott for the heads-up!)


mister ecks said...

definitely looks like balloons.

Gralien said...

Hi there Mac,

Yeah, in the email I sent out about this yesterday outside my original post (my buddy Mike Mott was included on that list), I also mentioned my initial suspicion that they're most likely balloons. This seems to be the most logical answer anyway, but I have to say I enjoyed Mike's speculation about bizarre things coming about as the result of experiments with particle coliders... who might have ever supposed that anomalous sightings of the past could have been influenced by quantum experiments of the future!

Hey Mac, I have to say I'm a huge fan of your writing also... it's amazing we haven't been introduced prior to now (we're fellow columnists for UFO Magazine now, too)! Keep up the great work!

Micah A. Hanks
The Gralien Report

Anonymous said...

I saw the video earlier and from what I could see, I have to agree that it looks like balloons. I also found it interesting that the commentator kept saying it didn't look like balloons over and over again.


Mac said...


Hi, Micah!

I liked Mott's ideas as well; they remind me a little of Robert Charles Wilson's amazing novel "The Chronoliths." Unfortunately, I'm convinced we're seeing balloons, albeit a cool-looking assembly.

See you in "UFO"!

advertising balloon said...

tethered balloons.