Monday, August 18, 2008

They just don't make commercials like this anymore.


Katie said...

That? Was totally awesome.

Mac said...

Now I want to see Arthur C. Clarke advertising Corn Flakes. Or Isaac Asimov hawking Bud Lite.

intense pruneologist, future tense, said...

Ray Bradbury:
"...they're still rather badly wrinked, though..."

Futuristic Prune Announcer:
"Sunsweet's wrinkle technicians will one day conquer that, too!"

HA! Pretty funny. Bradbury was one of my boyhood and adolescent heroes. Good to see he could poke fun at himself this what about my damn flying car?!? 8^}

Oh, and I'd personally like to see Bruce Sterling and William Gibson do either a Mac vs. PC commercial, or talk about how really, really great the new, burning chrome-colored, mirrored shades, on sale now at Wal-Mart, are for reflecting away the electromagnetic flux emitted from sitting too close for too long in front of a computer flat panel display ("Hey, Bruce, they're 87% effective in filtering out the nasty radiation that might otherwise burn your precious retinas to a black, smoking, cinder!!" "Really, Bill?"). the future, Conan?