Thursday, August 14, 2008

My new "Loving the Alien" column has been posted at Futurismic. Talking points: Second Life, science fiction and posthumanity.


Katie said...

Mac, I can't believe you've been trolling around in SL, and have never even *once* sent me an IM to say hello. :oP

intense said...

Good, sharp writing there about SL, Mac.

Oh, and you might want to remind people via seperate post w/link to your piece from Aug. 4th on "Theoretical Ufology?"

(Didn't see it mentioned here before, and didn't find any note of it on PHB by search, either.)

So, in the interim, because it's an interesting piece (some of which I agree with, and some not, naturally)--


Mac said...

Oops! Sorry, Katie!