Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dark Roasted Blend is on the toy robot beat.


intense, sometimes nerdling geekazoid said...

Oh, man! Pretty cool gallery of toy robots.

For those interested in demanding even more of a toy robot fix, check out the site of the guy, John Rigg (owner of an actual barn full of robot toys, both purchased and made by Rigg), and who is featured in the Dark Roasted Blend post Mac has linked to:


Amazing stuff. I wonder, if this guy is married, what his wife and/or kids think of his custom built "robot hut?"

Heh! I even have a couple of the robots shown in some of the photos from this gallery, plus the inclusion of the essential "UFO Interceptor" from Dinky Toys [and from the old, very cool (well, as a kid), puppet show "UFO" involving the secretive "S.H.A.D.O." group, which included Miss Penelope and her pink, six-wheeled car! I think I may have had a pre-adolescent "thing" for Ms. Penelope...either that or maybe her car...]

A man just cannot have enough UFO interceptors, given the anomalous times we live in!

Alas, my "UFO Interceptor" is missing it's cap-fired nose rocket...bwaaah! Hic! Better now... 8^}

Cap'n Marrrrk said...

You know, every time I saw one of these robot collections it made try to remember the robots I had as a child, and be damned if I could find it...for years until last week when I made another search to find them and I finally hit paydirt.


A robot driving another robot! Go figure.