Saturday, August 16, 2008

Not me.

What famous person (or character) do I most resemble? There's a new poll on the sidebar with four options -- although if you can think of any others let me know.


intense said...

I know! I got it! You look just like Mac Tonnies!
Oh, wait... 8^}

Sean said...

is there even a question?

better start hitting the weights if you want to look like ken wilber, mac ;)

Mac said...

Moby! I'll add him to the list!

And you're absolutely right about Wilber. I didn't realize he was into weight-lifting. Good lord, the guy could kick my ass...

Mac said...

I just discovered that I can't add anyone to the list -- including Moby -- because the poll is in progress. You're welcome to submit candidates, but I can't actually use them.


the insidious intense one said...

Ha! Your comment Mac, keying off Sean's, makes me wonder--in a cage match between you and Moby, who do you think would win? Assuming, of course, no musical intrumentation, or obversely, net based virtual avatars, are allowed to used in said "Ultimate Fighting" grudge match? ...jes wunderin'... 8^} !

I can just see it now, at least in my mind's eye--"In this corner, we have Moby, and his challenger is Mac! Their individual backup tag team wrasslin' partners will be, respectively, the unwooly "Wild Wilbur" in Moby's corner, and, introducing the recondite "Reckless Redfern" in Mac's corner!"

"Gentlemen, get rrrrready tooo RRrummmmble!" [clang!]

(Oh, and please, no folding chairs from the audience will be allowed as weapons, either....heh!)

Mac said...


I like my list of potential "lookalikes" because, aside from baldness and glasses, they really don't look a damned thing like me -- and Moby's no exception. (Redfern doesn't even wear glasses, but hey, I needed another contestant...)

That said, I bet I could beat Moby in a fight if it came down to it. But I'd probably need Wilber or Nick in my corner just in case!

Oh, and I promise the next poll will be somewhat serious!