Friday, December 07, 2007

The objectuals

The Objectuals is a series of work by artist Hyung Koo Lee, it features an interesting mix of visual distortion apparatus for the human body. Lee says that he experienced "undersized Asian male complex" when he left home to go to grad school in the States, and began constructing devices like the helmet above, which uses convex lenses to increase the size of features like eyes and mouth. The project features similar devices for arms, legs and torso along with displays of plastic surgery tools.

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Anonymous said...

If that is the result then "asian features" should not be exaggerated. Perhaps he should leave his face alone and focus it "downstairs"?

Anonymous said...

Downstairs? He has. See #08 at the second link, although there's not much to see--kind of a coy photo.

I have no idea what 09/10 are about.

"...undersized Asian male complex"?

Sounds like a bit of body dysmorphia disorder. Perhaps the combination of psychic pain and creativity, plus resource options, yields odd forms of art.