Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Lucifer Project (Greg Bishop)

Apparently, evil scientists at NASA, in cooperation with the Illuminati and who knows what other shadowy groups, are planning to use the plutonium energy source in the Cassini space probe to ignite a fusion reaction when the spacecraft ends its useful life. What they hope to do is turn Saturn into another star (called "Lucifer.") The purpose is reportedly twofold: To create a new planetary system around Saturn for humans, and to cause an outgassing that will sterilize Earth, or at least wipe out a great portion of the population so that the remaining people will unquestioningly accept a one-world government.


Anonymous said...

Let's see here: take plot ingredients from the following cooks--William Cooper, Richard Hoagland, and Michael Salla.

Add a pinch of utterly unscientific presumption and complete ignorance. Stir heavily, in the darker aspects of the disturbed mind. Salt lightly with toxic, paranoid fantasy, adding a lemon twist of delusion. Put on slow bake over the flaming idiots of the internet's NWO/conspiracy/secret government agenda and malignant alien intent rumor-mongers, and voila!

Yet another freshly baked crap cake of poisonous, disinfotaining fantasy food. Charge, per slice, enough to cover your expenses, preferably by selling books, conference lectures, and website subscriptions. Ummmm, deliciously stupid! Bon(ehead) appetit!

Greg Bishop said...

I don't know of anyone who has tried to make money off of this load of poop yet, but probably wouldn't be a hard sell.