Monday, November 26, 2007

The Bowen Manuscript (Nick Redfern)

In other words, given that Cooper was provided with Bowen's original and not a photocopy, it does appear to be the case that someone "on the inside" had to have been behind the move to get this material sent to Cooper - since it was the Air Force that had been its original custodian.

MJ-12 is the ufological equivalent to a hospital superbug: tenacious as hell and quite possibly deadly.


dr. x said...

I'm hesitant to suggest this, but has it been considered that the perfect cover for a top-level, secret government ufo "control group" would be to promote a scenario, via hoaxed documents like MJ-12, the source and origins of which would eventually be laid to confabulators like Doty and Moore, et al, as a way of discrediting the very idea of such an existing and ongoing group, from those who might be most interested in finding out, like serious, adept ufo researchers, thus providing even greater cover for some real group of this kind?

Just wondering if anyone else has seriously discussed or written about this idea anywhere. Well?

You could term it the "doppelganger effect."

wintermuse x9 said...

I've posted a comment on ufomystic at the "Bowen manuscript" link noted above by Mac, and if reference to the first comment by Dr. X, above.

Please feel free to add your own comments to the one I made over on Nick and Greg's site, either here or there.

Wintermuse X9 comment on ufomystic:

"The Bowen manuscript, and semi-related MJ-12 controversies remind me of the incident that occurred to Rex Heflin, who apparently too 4 polaroid photos of a “hat-shaped” ufo in 1965, and who, shortly after this got into the press, was confronted at his home by two “NORAD agents” who insisted he turn over the photos to them, and the photos and the “agents” never reappeared.

That is, until 1993, when Heflin allegedly found them in his mailbox one day, and not sent through the USPO–simply placed in his mailbox!
Personally, I find the new “mailing” from NSA HQ of the Bowen manuscript, whether it’s the actual original or not, highly suspect, to say the least.

I note that, in the 15 pages in .pdf format excerpted from the manuscript mailed to Tim Cooper, who I also suspect may have either fabricated or at least been a conduit for hoaxed MJ-12 docs fed in turn to the Woods, there appears a form of handwriting I’ve seen before on other bogus MJ-12 docs the Woods have displayed on their website, which were also received from Cooper, and I think I recall that this very same or quite similar handwriting was the result of annotations by Cooper on these “received” docs by himself!

Which raises the question of 1) are there handwritten annotations on the new Bowen manuscript that _weren’t_ released on the net, and that are in a different handwriting, and 2) why did Cooper make handwritten notes on the prior “MJ-12″ docs anonymously sent to him in the first place? Whassup’ with that??

Curious and curiouser, to say the least. Is Doty, et al, just bored that his grandious Serpo/Seinu efforts crashed like a lead ballon on his Roswellianly obsessed brain-pan?

I’d appreciate comments and response to the above points and questions. MJ-12 is like some super-zombie, it’s dead, and has been shot through the head many times now, like with Sparks most recent MUFON article, but continues to live on!

IMHO, just further grayshit seeking a gullible audience to distract and for legit ufo researchers to once again expose, further siphoning off time, energy, and continuing efforts to put the MJ-12 zombie-vampire back in it’s grave. It’s kinda like some Carl Allen types sitting around Ft. Belvoir and Ft. Meade, at taxpayer expense might be having fun and playing enless games to foist yet another generation of the MJ-12 follies (see, for UHR #3, by Greenwood for details) via another unethical and possibly illegal disinfotaining domestic psyop against the usual “suspects.”

Don’t these jerks have anything better to do with their time and lives than create stupid mindfucks on the ufo “research community,” such as it is? Or could this be just an independent non-USG sponsored shit storm of deception for certain parties apparently enless amusement? What say you all? Nick, Greg, etc.?"