Thursday, November 15, 2007

A critical step toward "electronic telepathy"?

Brain Implant Turns Thoughts Into Words

A team of neuroscientists from Boston University have implanted an electrode into the brain of Eric Ramsay, who has been "locked in" - conscious but paralyzed - since a car crash eight years ago, in an effort to translate his thoughts into words.


wintermuse x9 said...

Huh. I also came across this last night. Almost sent it to you.

Figured I'd sent enough esoteric factoid newsbits already, though.

Strange minds think somewhat alike? Synchronicity?

(or, maybe, a little too much idle time or diversionary interests?)

Pick one of the above and pass in your test papers, please...

Anonymous said...


As the story went on to describe, the computer does NOT translate thoughts into words. It displays neural signals from the language area of a patient's brain in a form that allows scientists to INTERPRET the signals as SOUNDS. That's a long ways from translating brain signals into words and, in fact, I predict it ain't gonna happen any time soon....

--W.M. Bear

Cap'n Marrrrk said...

"...esearchers say they can correctly identify the sounds Ramsey is imagining around 80 percent of the time."

Beep!"*ill me."

Doctors: "What? We don't understand. "ill you?" Pill you? Thrill you?. I mean we are certainly going to Bill you. Damn that 80%!

Beep! "*ill me."