Monday, November 12, 2007

Return of the giant jellyfish

To the delight of divers, and to the chagrin of fishermen, the swarms of giant Echizen kurage jellyfish (Nomura's jellyfish) that invade the coast of the Sea of Japan each autumn are back.

These photos were taken 5 meters underwater just offshore from the coastal town of Echizen in Fukui prefecture, where the jellyfish mobs began to arrive about a month later than normal.

I guess I always harbored vague suspicions that photos of Echizen kurage were nifty Photoshop forgeries. Boy, was I wrong.


Anonymous said...

And while you're at it, watch the video just below of octopus vs. shark. (I won't spoil the ending....)

TJ said...

Speaking of octopi, cephalopods are my favorite beasties.

Anyone see that "The Future is Wild" show on Animal Planet? One of the episodes envisioned octopi/squid as evolving into intelligent land based critters long after man has dissapeared from Earth 200 million years from now. Fun stuff.

Mac said...


Someone just mentioned that show to me last night. I'd never heard of it. Sounds fascinating!